Ring theater

Is a circular stage the second stage in terms of capacity and importance at the Royal Cultural Center, which is completely independent theater. The theater was designed in a circular motion, and can accommodate up to 180 people, is surrounded by parts and lighting control rooms and rooms. The advantage of the circular stage the possibility of transfer to the stage where a party hall, and can be used as the center of the viewers.

Ring theater equipped with all the required technical equipment of the rooms parts and control, lighting and sound, preferably a lot of playwrights submit bids in the circular stage to characterize the stage.

You can use the circular stage for several purposes, including film, seminars, press conferences and studio television footage, and the hall for meetings of mini-presentations. The independence of the circular stage for the other center halls able to receive cultural and artistic activities and other without affecting the cultural events held at the same time on the main stage or the halls the other in the center.