Center programs for 2008

Royal Cultural Center in early 2008 announced the launch of a series of programs aimed, notably:

Jordanian theater culture development program, and includes a variety of theatrical presentations, free, to the public, the center purchased from the Jordanian technical teams, ensuring support for the Jordanian artist, and overcome the economic barrier, which limits citizen accept to communicate with the theater.

Dialogues program, including, currently cultural event half fixed monthly, within a pre-set program, and includes a guest host or more, at the center: a cultural, intellectual, artistic ... and create a state of the media buildup on the cultural event bi-monthly.

Culture's program, which aims to promote knowledge of plastic art, and provide Jordanians innovators in this area, through cash readings in their work supervised by a professor of art criticism.

Civilizations program, which aims to develop the dialogue of civilizations and cultural within the sub-cultures in the Arab-Islamic culture, and with other human cultures through: the exchange of cultural weeks and events and dialogues, within the annual plan, contribute to making Amman, and through the Royal Cultural Center, Point polarization of dialogue and cultural exchanges and cultural in the Middle East.