Invitation of tender No. (1/2011)

Tender No. (1/2011)

Royal Cultural Center announces tender No. (1/2011) and private providing broadcasting via the website of the Center For companies and institutions licensed wishing to participate in the tender review the accounting department for the purchase of the tender invitation for an amount five dinars a non-refundable service knowing that the last date for the sale of the tender invitation end time Sunday, 04.24.2011 and the last date for submitting offers one o'clock after noon on Monday, 04.25.2011 shall be deposited in the tender offers Royal / Supplies Department cultural Center Fund.

Director General of the Royal Cultural Center
Mohammed Abu Sumagah.


Tender No. (1/2011)

Based on "the provisions of Article No. (24) of Supplies Act No. (32) for the year 1993 calls for the Royal Cultural Center specialists to provide broadcasting service through the website of the Centre according to the" specifications and terms of private and public attached to this invitation no later than one o'clock on the afternoon Monday 04/25/2011.


Director General of the Royal Cultural Center
Mohammed Abu Sumagah.


Price version (5) five dinars non-refundable.


  • Bidding instructions No. (1) for the year 2008 (General requirements for entry into the Bidding and contracting) number (10) Paper.
  • Special conditions (1) Paper.
  • Specifications (1) Paper.
  • Personal pledge (1) Paper.
  • Table tender materials (1) Paper.
  • Summary tender offer (1) Paper.
  • Guarantees number of models (2) Paper.

The buyer have to make sure that the attachment has (17) paper and the center is irresponsible for the loss or lack of any facility or to a page after the purchase of the tender invitation and the buyer bears responsibility for his failure to check and make sure the documentation is complete



Technical specifications required for broadcast television and radio via the web page of the Royal Cultural Center

To Provide the Royal Cultural Center (RCC) with a Streaming media service for broadcasting audio-video over the Internet (TV and Radio)

  1. Using Pull and Push streaming technology
  2. Archiving system to store digital media (Video Library)
  3. A web-based application as a Content Management System (CMS) to be used for creating, editing, managing, searching and publishing various types of digital media.
  4. A capacity of 50 up to 200GB disk space
  5. A Band Width of 141 up to 300 kbps traffic for the TV broadcasting and a 32 kbps minimum for the radio broadcasting.
  6. The CMS to contain reports and functions including logs for each transaction on the website.
  7. Unlimited no. of viewers and listeners for the live broadcasting and video archive.
  8. To be responsible to provide a full support and on site.
  9. To be responsible to provide the design for the website.
  10. To be responsible to train 5 employees of RCC on the CMS, if it is necessary.
  11. The warranty period is 12 months.
  12. RCC will be responsible to provide all the requested hardware and a suitable high speed internet connection.



The conditions required to serve television and radio broadcasts via the web page of the Royal Cultural Center

To be a television and radio broadcast through the website of the Royal Cultural Center

To be singled out for a special television broadcast under the name Link (TV Royal Cultural Center)

To be broadcast television continues from 10:00 until 22:00, that article, which will be broadcast from 10:00 until 2 be back recorded material duplicate or live as needed yet, and it would be two in the afternoon till 22:00 Live and partly recorded as needed Also

To be broadcast continues from 6:00 until 22:00 Live recorder or as needed

Singling Link on the page titled (Video Library) contains an entire archive of materials that have been broadcast or pre-recorded material, so that the browser of reference whenever he pleases.

The technical proposal specifies the equipment requirements (Hardware) required to be provided by the center.

To be singled out in the financial offer a special clause worth of installation, operation and training fees separately from the rest of the financial offer.