Center Tasks

Article 3 of the EDM system of the Royal Cultural Centre for the year 2003, the responsibility of the center to achieve a number of objectives, which are an integral part of the objectives of the Ministry of Culture, in the general policy of the culture mode. This is a big scorer, ranging from:

  • Promote national culture and deepen the sense of national belonging and heritage inspired by the Arab and Islamic culture.
  • Participation in the dissemination of culture and explore the creative abilities and encourage the development and cultural fields and various technical possibilities that are commensurate with the physical and technical centers.
  • Establish cooperative relations with the institutions and cultural bodies, national and Arab to enhance the cultural role of the center and benefit from the expertise of these institutions and bodies.
  • Strengthening links with international cultural institutions.
  • Opening the door to all local cultural events to use the facilities of the center in accordance with regulations and directives in force.
  • Subscribe with theater groups and art, cultural and local cultural institutions, Arab and global.
  • Work on the publication and circulation of cultural and artistic activities at various regions of the Kingdom to achieve cultural interaction between different cultural circles, civil and cultural awareness and achieving social, economic and national citizens.
  • Royal Cultural Center plays an important role in terms of linking the capital Amman with the parties, and to provide creative and Jordanian intellectuals in the provinces of public opinion, and so as to enhance their contributions to the cultural life and intellectual, which serves the distribution of the gains of cultural development, pursued by the Ministry of Culture strategy. And to ensure the achievement of the optimum goal to renew the Jordanian cultural life, and providing them with the leadership of a new and conscious and toast.