Procedures and instructions gentlemen wishing to reserve facilities or the Royal Cultural Center equipment to read the instructions and procedures listed below well before direct fills the forms prepared for it.

Booking procedures

Please see First on the list wages booking facilities and equipment Royal Cultural Center and included in the web page of the center.

Mobilization of reserve facilities or to order instruments and equipment included within the web page your initial booking form and send it to the e-mail address facility or come in person to the Centre to mobilize the initial booking request, and signed with the coordination / Directorate of Public Relations and the center's conference section.

Supply center in detail and instructions relating to the nature of the activity by giving written approval of the reservation.

Provide us the approvals with the security required by the nature of that activity.

An official letter of confirmation, is not considered a request for initial reservation booking stressing unless you learned in writing this book by the Center after making all the necessary requirements.

Pay the wages of the booking before the activity at least two weeks and the signing of an agreement between the center and the existing activity.



If need for any additional hardware case (visible devices and audio) please add it fills your devices and equipment the initial booking form, and please mention it in the official book directed the Royal Cultural Center, noting that he met the additional hardware required other fees not covered halls wages.

Contact the Directorate of Public Relations and Conferences (follow-up and coordination department) or send an email to the following address If you cancel or change the date of the booking, otherwise we will be forced to cancel the reservation unless it takes us back otherwise.

Comply with all regulations and instructions and laws followed in the Royal Cultural Center.