Pride women Hall Zaid for Exhibitions

This hall considers of the first autistics arts halls in Jordan and most importantly, the hall is designed for multiple purposes and in particular exhibitions of autistics arts, books, and crafts heritage and the work of ceramic sculpture, located on the ground floor of the center, which is equipped with lighting needed and moving as needed, and the rules exhibits, and all the necessary supplies and to accommodate about one hundred and fifty different measurements painting.

Was held in the hall a few hundred of the most important Jordanian, Arab and international exhibitions of plastic, as well as dozens of special exhibits ceramic and sculptural works, handicrafts and various book fairs .... also it absorbed a large number of holding seminars and press conferences ..

The room was called in the past (Exhibition Hall) and with the start of the Oman capital of Arab culture in 2002 and it became the pride of women Zaid Hall as a leading Jordanian Fine Art, was transferred from the Ministry of Culture to the center.