Center programs for 2009

Royal Cultural Center - Plan for 2009

  1. Seminar month
    A series of seminars held throughout the year dealing with all the intellectual and political developments are held seminars throughout the year at a rate of one seminar a month were identified on Tuesday of last week of the month for a seminar (except for seminars that will be held by developments) program held in cooperation with the Jordanian PolicyWatch
    Determine the dates of seminars are as follows: (Facility proposed seminars except novelties, to be agreed at the time)
    01/27 to 02/24 - 24 / 3-28 / 4-26 / 5-23 / 6-28 / 7-25 / 8-29 / 9-27 / 10-24 / 11- 22/12/2009
    Bearing in mind that the seminar of December starts at beginning of the month.
  2. Workshops
    Organize a series of workshops dealing with political, cultural and intellectual aspects every three months of months and throughout the year have been identified first workshop in collaboration with the Forum Talal Abu-Ghazaleh during the first week of March,( The financial crisis) and the second workshop during the second half of the month entitled (life party in Jordan) in collaboration with the political Observatory.
    • Determine the workshops are as follows: (Facility proposed workshops)
    • First and second in March
    • Third in June
    • Fourth in September
    • Fifth in December

  3. Theater Development Program
    By allowing the play to the serious business mouthpiece of high values and meanings, motivate and support the new generation of artists, performances are held throughout the year, starting in March at rate of two shows every month.
  4. Documentary film program
    Producing documentaries dealing with key aspects of the social, political and cultural history in particular, so that they can be to portray the main activities of the Ministry and the center and later "will produce properly at a rate one film per month throughout the year”.

  5. Screenings program
    • a series of exhibitions of art individually or collectively, and at a rate of one exhibition per month and throughout the year
    • The production of the opposition to set up a meeting place for art exhibition during the last quarter of the year.
  6. Cultural communication
    Contributing to the cultural, intellectual and political life and development through cultural communication and genuine partnership with civil society organizations and cultural bodies so that they can establish various cultural activities and exchange of cultural weeks and dialogues and seminars in this context is a partnership of this cooperation with the Jordanian political Observatory and Forum Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, cultural

  7. Gifted child Competition
    Designed to detect children's talents and support them, dealing with the competition various fields such as poetry, story, drawing, photography, playing, singing ,etc…. from the age of 6-12 years, and announce the contest during the period between March and April.

  8. Exchange program and visual culture
    The program aims to activate the critical dialogue between the Jordanians and the public artists and to highlight on their creativity and give them the opportunity to critically and objectively in a simple and easy manner and enhance the communication between art and the public, which is lacking in the art scene at the moment, the program takes a place in a television series by one to two sessions per a month.
  9. Dialogues program
    Monthly program deals with intellectual and political issues , hold throughout the year ,this is a talk show between the public and the lecturer,so the public have a key role in the dialogue, debate and exchange the ideas.
    This program takes a place in a television series by one to two sessions per month.