Center programs in 2010

Proceeding from the goals of the Royal Cultural Center and its role in the development of national culture and promote the various components, and deepening the sense of national belonging, and in line with the high visions of the Royal in support of culture and intellectuals, Royal Cultural Center was ready to prepare its work plan for 2010, which begins in the month of March, and include the following activities:

  • The development of the Jordanian theater culture: Program
    As for the theater of the importance of a prominent role in the dissemination of national culture, and the fact that the Royal Cultural Center contains two of the most prominent theaters are the main theater and modern theater.In order to activate the Jordanian theater movement and the development of artistic taste of the recipient of the Jordanian public, this program is designed to allow the theatrical works Avenue mouthpiece values high and meanings, motivate and support the new generation of artists, through the purchase of theater artists, and displayed in the center, and this that would nourish the cultural product that offers to the public, and to expand the base of participation by members of the cultural diversity of the sector, which contributes to the reflection of the economic impact on the artist and Upgrading works of art submitted to serve the public. Performances are held throughout the year for adults and children categories.
  • Monetary program of visual culture:
    Program aims to activate the critical dialogue between the Jordanian artists and the public about the different types of plastic arts of painting, sculpture and photography, etc., and to highlight their creativity and give them the opportunity to critically evaluate the objective and scientific manner simplified, easy and enhance communication between art and the public, which is lacking in the art scene at the moment.
  • Art exhibitions
    The establishment of a series of exhibitions of art individually or collectively, and at a rate of one exhibition per month and throughout the year.
    Culminating in the arts to set up a meeting place for art exhibition during the last quarter of the year.
  • The piano
    Will host a number of musicians throughout the year and an average of two hours a day, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week except the days where there are activities and cannot stay Activity piano. In order to play a variety of pieces of music, using piano located in the lobby of the center bottom, in order to provide a suitable atmosphere suggest more joy and pleasure to visitors to the center and form a beautiful and civilized facade to the entrance to the center and supports the Jordanian artist.
  • Documentaries and TV Centre's program
    Producing documentaries dealing with key aspects of the social, political and especially cultural history, so they can be to portray the main activities of the Ministry and the center and later "is produced properly and at a rate no one in the month and throughout the year, and will be activated sections of the television studio and the reception at the center where he will be concluded broadcast directly from the home screen center and will focus on materials activities that will be displayed on the cultural and artistic activities produced by the Centre as well as the Ministry of culture activities as well as articles that talk about the history of the Jordanian state and the role of the Hashemites leadership position in various fields and will be linked to this broadcast with the website of the Center, during the mornings and evenings.
  • Program of screenings
    Deals with intellectual social subject, political, cultural displays movies and throughout the year, and are choosing a feature, or the kind of documentary film, be among the productions of new Arab cinema Or clasiic that carry aesthetic or intellectual value, and woned critics awards.
  • Cultural Days program in the provinces
    Royal Cultural Center plays an important role in terms of linking the capital Amman parties and provide creative Jordanians and intellectuals in the provinces of public opinion, which enhances their contributions to the intellectual and cultural life, and the pursuit of the discovery of local faces creative in the provinces, and to highlight their activities and different creations.
    Where it can be to organize a cultural day in collaboration with the provincial departments of culture in each province, so the cultural day includes: seminars, technical teams performances, theater groups, plastic art exhibitions, poetry evenings, musical evenings, honoring creative local faces.
  • Organize specialized workshops
    Organizing series of specialized workshops that discuss the key issues and developments in the cultural, economic and technical aspects, with three workshops throughout the year, namely:
    • Art workshops.
    • Cultural workshops.
    • Economic workshops.

  • Writer and the book
    Program aims to discuss the latest productions and creations of Jordanian intellectuals, for introducing the reader to their offspring in various areas of writing, through:
    • Book signing ceremony.
    • Newly / interview with writer and lecturer released.
    • Critical Readings of the Book of the month.
  • Dialogues program
    Program hosts a group of intellectuals, thinkers, journalists and politicians in an open dialogue with the audience, raises the idea centered on the latest developments on the scene, whether cultural, economic or political, and encourage the audience to present their ideas and discussed with specialists, and will be concluded to determine the program monthly.
  • Ramadan evenings program
    The program aims to activate the role of the center in hosting visitors during the holy month and to provide activities commensurate with the spirit of the month, ranging from religious lectures, theatrical and artistic shows for children and religious evenings for men and women alike include songs and supplication religious.
  • Cultural communication
    Contributing to the cultural, intellectual and political life and development through cultural communication and genuine partnership with civil society institutions and bodies ,so they can be to establish a diverse cultural activities and exchange of cultural weeks and dialogues and seminars, and the pursuit of twinning between the Royal Cultural Centre and cultural centers of Arab.
  • Autistics evenings
    Center will revive a set of concerts for a number of singers and instrumentalists and autistics teams, to support the Jordanian artist and revitalization of the art movement in this area and the definition by the Jordanian song, promotion and communication between these artists and the public.